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The world population and the standard of living are growing. This situation is directly related to the increase in protein consumption, mainly meat (the world food intake increased around 70%). Thus, there is a need to find new strategies to ensure global supply. At the same time, animal protein sources (the most complete in terms of their amino acid composition) should be reconsidered because they have a great impact on biodiversity, climate change, supply and quality of drinking water, as well as on the diffusion of antibiotic resistant pathogens. The agri-food industry must find of new ways to obtain foods rich in protein. In this context, the CRESCERE project proposes a holistic approach, encompassing the entire value chain of the agri-food sector. The goals of this project are deeply aligned with the "Biodiversity Strategy" and the "Farm to Fork Strategy", core elements of the European Green Deal. In the project, technological challenges related to sustainable agriculture techniques are addressed. In consequence, qualitatively and quantitatively enriched vegetables and fungi will be obtained in their protein fraction. Different ingredient extraction technologies will be investigated, as well as transformation processes to obtain safe and healthy food matrices with optimal characteristics. Likewise, the project includes research related to solutions for sustainable packaging systems, which respond to the requirements of food.