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The RE2PACK project hereby present a sustainable solution for the plastic packaging sector which will be particularly of the interest of the food industry. The RE2PACK innovative packaging solution proposes a sustainable mono material flexible packaging, made entirely of recycled compounds with the same functionalities than their virgin multi material flexible packaging counterparts. To reach this purpose.

The project will assess and determine the most suitable combination of recycled compounds and will enhance their properties with coatings and additives that will improve sealing and barrier properties. In this way, the RE2PACK packaging solution could set the bases for the new generation of flexible packaging improving the environmental impact of food packaging in a twofold: (i) thanks to the use of mono-material, complete recyclability is assured (ii) by taking as raw material 100% recycled compounds RE2PACK ensures full circularity of resources

The consortium brings together industrial leadership with relevant research expertise as the best way to tackle this global environmental challenge. RE2PACK consortium is led by one of the most important plastic packaging producers at national level ENPLATER, that will work closely with a high experienced coatings manufacturer ARTIBAL and MARTINEZ SOMALO, raw cured products producer as end-user, to settle specific industry requirements. The consortium is completed with AITIIP, Technological Center as Scientific Coordinator and CTIC CITA agri-food Technology Center. The RE2PACK project (CPP2021-008488) is funded by MCIN/EIP/10.13039/501100011033 and by the European Union-NextGenerationEU/PRTR',