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Start-End dates
23/09/2021 -28/02/2021
SMEs internationalization

GLOBAL FOODTURE Internationalisation Strategy

The aim of the GLOBAL FOODTURE project is to drive the sustainable transition of the global food system through collaboration and innovation.

GLOBAL FOODTURE will develop and implement a joint internationalisation strategy to facilitate the access of SMEs to third countries.

This joint strategy will help SMEs to enter new markets to increase sales, improve their international positioning and to help them find the best future cooperation partners.

The target region selected for this ambitious project is Asia, in particular the four key markets of Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Thailand.

Asia contains a large proportion of the population, with a potentially high environmental impact, a rapidly developing middle class with the purchasing power to buy European products, and services and an increased awareness of environmental issues.

In more recent years, Asia has emerged as a major engine of growth, innovation and entrepreneurship which, through the establishment of appropriate cooperation agreements, can enhance the competitiveness of European SMEs.