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Food industries that operate with frozen products have difficulties in automating their logistics processes. Currently, there are no automated guided vehicles (AGVs) that can robustly operate in freezing storage.

The COOLBOT project proposes the research and development of an autonomous robot which can transport and stack pallets inside a freezing chamber (at a temperature of -30ºC). The integration of a software for the management of the freezing chamber will also be investigated. The system will use artificial vision for the correct identification and location of the materials in the optimal locations. This will guarantee the greatest efficiency in their movements.

The COOLBOT project consortium includes a software developer SME, ELLIOT CLOUD, and an SME that provides mobile robotics technological services, UMIBOTS. It should be noted that the COOLBOT solution can be transferred to other sectors that operate under these temperatures, such as the pharmaceutical sector. COOLBOT project is granted under the call AEIs 2022-b, for the support of AEIs of the Ministery of Industry, Comerce and Tourism, financed by the European Union – Next Generation EU (Nº AEI-010500-2022b-164).