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The current agri-food value chains have been under considerable pressure in recent years. Nevertheless, this highlights the opportunities of new innovative business models, products, and services.

Considering the challenges experienced in the agri-food ecosystem, the overall objective of the B-Resilient project is to empower food producing and processing SMEs (FP² SMEs) to become more resilient.

B-Resilient will link the agri-food ecosystem with key sectors working with bio-based ingredients with the aim of stimulating cross-sectoral fertilization during the quest for new products meeting customer demand.

The goals of the project are aligned with the implementation of the EU Industrial Strategy. It contributes to build resilience and accelerate the twin transition (green and digital) through six specific objectives:

    • Network to improve the resilience of the EU industrial ecosystems by developing value chains interlinkages in the EU Single Market.
    • Adopt processes and technologies to reinforce transformation into a greener and more digital economy.
    • Train to foster up- and re-skilling of the workforce whilst attracting talents.
    • Go international to boost access to global supply and value chains.
    • Outreach to attract economic actors, mainly SMEs, beyond Euroclusters’ locations.