CLUSTER FOOD+i focuses its activity on the EBRO VALLEY, which is a traditional financial hub for the food and agriculture industry.
The “EBRO VALLEY CORE” communities of the Basque Region, La Rioja, Navarra, Aragón and Cataluña are one of Spain’s most important socio-economic areas.
The food and agriculture industry is of strategic value to this socio-economic area, as it generates the largest economic base. This industry is a major player in the production network and is also important in the social sphere due to the amount of employment it generates in this region.


The Ebro valley features numerous scientific and technology-based facilities because of the economic and social importance of the food industry in the area.
The Ebro valley is able to drive competition due to its significant economic potential.


The number of companies in the Ebro Valley amounts to 7.178, which means 25.30 of the total at the national level. The Ebro Valley represents more than 34% of total sales of agri-food products and up to 33.28% of total investments in tangible assets. The main objective is to strengthen the sector and position it as a benchmark for the competitiveness of the companies that comprise it.


From the beginning, CLUSTER FOOD + i has opted for the generation and revitalization of its own advanced innovation ecosystem. This ecosystem is made up of an open and constantly updated Technology and Scientific Cooperation Network, among all the Innovation agents involved in the development of this sector, in order to facilitate companies to identify innovative, fast and close solutions to market.


The turnover of the food and beverage industry in Europe, as in Spain, make it the first manufacturing sector in the EU. The food and beverage industry in Spain ranks fifth with 9.01% in sales value, compared to Europe. Net sales at the national level of products in the last financial year amounted to 93.40 million euros, of which about one third are provided by agri-food companies located in the regions that make up the Ebro Valley, positioning this geographical enclave as an indisputable reference at European level.