If you are a technology business or startup, FOOD+i can help you become more visible, improve or develop products, find financing and give you access to potential industrial partners that will help you to progress in terms of business management and launch new products and brands.


FOOD+i is involved in different acceleration projects that aim to find and support startups within the European entrepreneurial ecosystem that may impact on future businesses in the food and agriculture industry.
Meanwhile, Cluster is home to a number of entities that specialise in developing business opportunities and that focus on product development and assessing and marketing technology, which enables it to connect the three core components on which any innovation ecosystem is based.

Minds (generating ideas)
Management (converting opportunities into real businesses)
Money (investment)

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One of the objectives of FOOD + i is to group and dynamize an advanced innovative ecosystem around the Cluster companies and the startups it hosts, promoting their connection and interaction. This way, we bet on defining joint acceleration models, where the Cluster’s industrial and technological sector supports startups at different levels: industrial mentoring, commercial deployment, smart capital, etc.

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FOOD + i is the national representative of EUROPEAN FOODNEXUS STARTUP CHALLENGE, a business initiative that annually seeks the best European agrotech and foodtech startup, which means for the startups with which the Cluster interacts an opportunity to:

Connection and validation of business with European investors and food companies

Support of large food companies through the Corporate-Startup Engagement program

Strengthening communication and visibility through the FoodNexus consortium.

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