Visibility, creating a contact network and identifying new innovation opportunities are essential to small and medium-sized enterprises. FOOD+I helps to make I+D+i part of a company’s DNA by designing customised innovation itineraries to help entities stand out from the crowd and gain a competitive advantage.

“CLUSTER FOOD+i has helped us make the leap forward from being a traditional company with a history of more than 100 years to being an innovative company by helping us identify new innovation opportunities, supporting the development of new products, finding successful business synergies and even helping us to gain recognition throughout Europe.”

Elena Martínez Garnica

Managing Director of Hijo de José Martínez Somalo S.L.

“Being a member of CLUSTER FOOD+i has helped HORNO ARGUIÑANO access new opportunities in Europe that has allowed our everyday and health products to obtain an exceptional position. It has also helped us become more visible through our participation in European projects such as TRADEIT and KATANA.”

Eduardo Villar

Owner and master breadmaker of HORNO ARGUIÑANO


CLUSTER FOOD+i offers its partners a range of customised services to provide them with short-term support tools for executive decision-making procedures and medium-term support tools that provide a strategic overview of new business opportunities.

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We support SMEs in the design of customized innovation itineraries, based on an accompanying itinerary that arises from a process of joint reflection at the level of commercial strategy, R + D + i and financial, the identification of innovation opportunities and the definition and management of projects at the product / market, process and organization level.

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One of the priorities of a company is focused on having a differentiated product portfolio with the highest possible added value. As a result of the analysis of critical points in the design and / or improvement of products in a successful manner, FOOD + i has designed, together with its companies, a work process that analyzes the key processes around this innovation process.

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FOOD + i works to structure a highly efficient innovation system, facilitating the creation of a network of operational work throughout the entire value chain of the food sector of the Ebro Valley, which serves as a meeting point for entrepreneurs, institutes of research and entities linked to innovation where beneficial collaborations and joint successful projects are consolidated within the European environment.

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