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FOOD+i partners form an advanced ecosystem made up of beverage and drink industry, technological partners, specialised suppliers and entrepreneurs who share the objective of increasing the competitiveness of the sector through innovation and cooperation.

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We are building on the concept of an interconnected value chain


We help the industry remain at the technological and market forefront, promoting interaction with the Cluster's technological and business ecosystem to boost innovation processes and maximize impact on the income statement
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Technological Partners

Technology is a fundamental part of innovation. We therefore help the Cluster's technological partners to identify business challenges and technology transfer opportunities through open innovation dynamics and collaborative innovation projects
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Specialised Suppliers

We help specialised suppliers (manufacturers) related to the present and future challenges of the sector to generate networking spaces within the concept of an integrated value chain, in order to promote innovation and joint business opportunities.
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Startups and Spinoffs

We provide support to startups by promoting their visualization, product improvement or development, funding, and connection with potential industrial partners that will allow them to take a step forward with their business.
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