We offer large companies better visibility and the ability to identify threats and opportunities early. We also provide them with a platform where they can meet other members of the food and agriculture chain. To do this, we arrange customised innovation schedules to help companies find out about the latest technology by interacting with innovative members of the group and other business leaders that operate in a similar area within both Spain and Europe.

“Our philosophy is to keep developing innovative products for all households and to ensure we continue to be a leader in quality. FOOD+i helps generate synergies and opportunities that have enabled us to keep growing and become a brand with substantial experience and a consolidated track record.”

Jaume Palau
Director of R+D+i at Grupo Alimentario Argal S.A.

“FOOD+i is an essential component of our open innovation environment. We use Clúster to cooperate with companies and research centres that have the same strategy and values as us. The FOOD+i system enriches our collaboration network and is open to all entities operating within the global innovation area.”

Diego Garrido Vidal
Director of Innovation at Grupo Riberebro


We aim to find the best candidates to meet the requirements and solve the innovation challenges of our industrial partners by holding periodic meetings with Clúster’s technology partners and other entities that will be incorporated into Clúster if necessary. These technical meetings are used to identify new technology transfer opportunities that are rolled out to FOOD+i companies through projects that we seek financing for.

Set us a challenge and we’ll find an innovative solution!

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The Cluster is a good forum for debate, exchange of knowledge and sharing of threats and opportunities from different perspectives, which can be incorporated into the strategic vision of companies to take a leap forward in the generation of new and better business for the industry .

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In an environment of change, companies, to maintain their competitive advantage, grow and develop profitably, must be alert to new opportunities for improvement, expansion or diversification of their business. FOOD + i works to identify interconnection opportunities with entrepreneurs and startups, at a national and European level, that enable their companies to innovate in new business models, products, channels or brands.

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Technology is a fundamental dimension for innovation. Thanks to it, productivity can be improved, the frontiers of applied knowledge can be expanded and compete in anticipation or monopoly conditions. Since the largest companies in the Cluster, in many cases have significant human and economic resources focused on innovation, from FOOD + i we have developed joint work models that identify new technological opportunities of interest, define the necessary implementation processes and the financing mechanisms that facilitate their incorporation.

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