CLUSTER FOOD+i is a private entity created in 2009 that groups together more than 90 companies, knowledge centres and other entities associated with innovation. The aim of the initiative is to encourage competition and development within the Ebro valley food and agriculture industry by anticipating business trends, using technology and developing R+D+i solutions that are accessible to the European market.


The aim of CLUSTER FOOD+i is to maximise the revenue of its member companies and help them achieve sustained profitability by generating synergies that reinforce their strategic outlook and make them more efficient and competitive.

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To this end, the following strategic areas of action have been defined

Generate innovation acting as promoter and catalyst of projects.
Improvement of the innovation capacity of SMEs.
Provide tools to support the strategic business vision that contribute to the development of new business opportunities and the creation of new companies.
Attract and retain talent for the generation of professional profiles of the future.
Act as a chain of transmission of the exchange of knowledge among the members of the Cluster.
Provide visibility and international positioning, acting as a transregional link.


FOOD + i has more than 90 partners, business representatives who lead the main productive activities of the Ebro Valley, integrating the key elements of the value chain from raw materials, process engineering, transformation and end users.


FOOD + i actively works to boost a network of European-related technology partners that facilitate their companies to have a research vision focused on the anticipation and development of market-focused solutions

Redes y alianzas CLUSTER FOOD+i


FOOD + i works intensely within the European environment, participating in different European business platforms with the aim of capturing innovation opportunities for its companies and taking advantage of the business opportunities offered by the formation of consortiums. Initiatives committed to strengthening the competitive and innovative capacity of the agri-food sector, in whose forum we analyze activities and projects aimed at solving major sectorial challenges related to food security, health, interaction with consumers, entrepreneurship or The sustainability.

Cluster interaction

Interaction with other Clusters at national and European level to detect and solve specific needs and demands of FOOD + i companies and enable the incorporation of border technologies generated in other sectors.


CLUSTER FOOD + i has the recognition of the Government of Spain as “Innovative Business Group”. Seal that the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness reserves for those clusters that have a Strategic Plan cataloged as “excellent”. This recognition allows the Cluster and its members to enjoy reinforced and exclusive aid lines for their projects and actions.