FOOD+i can offer you the support you need to perform national and international R+D+i projects (including a market overview) so you can stand out from the crowd and be more competitive. This is achieved through the use of the two following innovative approaches:
– Market pull: innovation concepts that have an approaching market horizon and that, accordingly, are able to generate short-term returns.
– Technology push: innovation projects designed to advance technology and maximise innovation that can help generate higher added value in the mid-term.


We collaborate closely with our partners on both strictly confidential customised projects and industry-focused FOOD4FUTURE projects that are supported by and performed using Cluster’s own resources.

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Launching new products

We are aware that a company’s first priority is to offer a portfolio of products that sets them apart from their competitors and that provides the highest amount of added value possible. As a result of analysing critical design aspects and/or successful product improvements, FOOD+i has designed a work procedure, in conjunction with the companies involved in the Cluster initiative, that analyses the key processes required to implement this innovation strategy.

Launch Phases

Analysis of market trends and consumer behaviour

Analysis of consumer habits and trends
Trend validation
Analysis of factors and preferences that influence purchasing decisions

Market intelligence

Creative processes. Culinary creativity

Culinary creative processes
Analysis of raw materials
Consumer test

Incorporating the latest technology

Incorporating the latest technology
Analysis of industrialisation

Support. Business strategy


Support. Business strategy

FOOD+i offers its partners a range of customised services to provide them with short-term support tools for executive decision-making procedures and medium-term support tools that provide a strategic overview of new business opportunities.

Monitoring/Observing the Market.

FOOD+i offers a Market Monitoring Service. The aim of this service is to study and analyse emerging and future trends that may impact on the business models of CLUSTER companies, to identify new products on national and international markets and analyse competition in order to increase competitive advantage.

C360 Consumer analysis. Consumer trends.

Analysis of consumer behaviour is increasingly important for both manufacturers and distribution chains. At FOOD+i we have our own C360 tools and resources to interpret R+D+i and marketing variables and offer companies the technical support they need to design and bring innovative projects to market.


Monitoring Technology.

The Technology Monitoring Unit of FOOD+i performs searches and bibliometric analysis to identify trends, emerging technologies and the main research and market actors by analysing scientific publications, patents and other technical documents on the technology and processes of each industry.

Financial support for projects.

We have a support team at FOOD+i to assist Cluster companies.


The FOOD+i team helps to prepare proposals for projects supported by Cluster or by companies involved in the initiative by managing the entire application process, providing technical and administrative services and by applying results.


We work both regionally and nationally to obtain advantageous conditions and investor financing and to increase competitive edge in terms of processes and products, often as a result of the dynamic actions performed by Cluster.


We help companies prepare the supporting documents required to be eligible for a tax deduction on R+D and Technology Innovation activities.

Reasoning and strategic change

Strategic growth sessions

Discourse and knowledge exchange throughout the entire value chain to create a strategic overview to help generate new and better businesses for the industry.

Monitoring market End Users

Sessions to find out about and work with companies involved in End User trends, demands and consumer requirements in order to translate concepts into innovation opportunities for Cluster companies.

Creativity and innovation workshops

Sessions to identify and define innovation opportunities for the conceptualisation of new products based on in-house methodologies to help integrate ideas at technology, culinary and business level.

Food4Future Cluster Projects

Food4Future projects are supported and performed using Cluster’s own resources and personnel. projects that are important due to their strategic industry focus.

Food+i is currently involved in the following projects

New Food Business

Although Spain is currently ranked fifth in the start-up ecosystem index, it still does not have many scaleup opportunities. In order to drive the creation of new impactful businesses within the food and agriculture sector in the Ebro valley, FOOD+i is developing a model to speed up processes within this specific industry. This model uses an approach that incorporates the industrial sector, generates strategic goals, provides for the contribution of Smart capital and supports technology and product development, market availability and business management.

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